Audio Engineering & Production


All musicians need access to affordable, professional quality recordings to build their brands and submit for new job opportunities. I work with opera singers to craft materials that portray the unique qualities and strengths of your particular voice. Whatever your recording needs are, I can help you achieve them in a quick and professional manner that will allow you to be proud of the work you have done and the image you are presenting.


“Matthan is a wonderful engineer to work with. He knows first hand what singers are looking for in a productive session, and works hard to create an environment in the studio conducive to fostering creativity. Matthan approaches his engineering work as a craftsman and artistic collaborator, and I am incredibly happy with the final result.” - Jordan Rutter, Countertenor


“Matthan does an incredible job at a task that I didn't know was so valuable until I had it done so well for me. He is pleasant, encouraging, supportive, and generally just makes you feel like a million bucks. A sure-fire way to get you to sing your best. Having someone who feels like your trusted friend in the room turns a yearly necessity into an absolute joy. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” - Claire DiVizio, Soprano


“Matthan Black is a complete professional. But more than that, he was a kind presence that empowered me to let go, sing my best and ground myself during our session. He is honest, uplifting, affordable and incredibly fun to work with and the final result of our session made me feel confident that I was putting my best foot forward this audition season.“ - Elyse Kakacek, Soprano