Chicago Tribune

"Black excelled in the focal role of the Officer who takes pride in the beauty (he says) of a death machine that carves the sentence of the condemned prisoner on the victim's skin before allowing him to die, after 12 hours. Black's smooth, robust baritone, sometimes almost too powerful for the cramped studio space, also came with excellent diction."

-John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune


"Matthan Ring Black was simply magnificent in the role of the Officer. With every word crystal clear, the singer wielded his muscular baritone with extraordinary finesse and artistry. Dramatically Black didn’t set a foot wrong and was wholly credible from start to finish, going from a cool, dispassionate officer to dangerous, pleading and desperate over the course of the unbroken 80 minutes."

-Lawrence A. Johnson, Chicago Classical Review


"The most captivating performance was from the villain Tarquinius, played by Matthan Black. His actions were unrestricted, feeling as though he held nothing back for this final performance."

-Timothy Corpus, Chicago Stage Standard


"Former COT Young Artist Matthan Ring Black showed admirable vocal promise as Spinelloccio and Gucci."

-John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

"Matthan Ring Black's velvety baritone lulled us into what would later become a malignant maelstrom. It is edifying to watch the ascent of this young artist. With each passing year, and in every production, the voice and, since the voice cannot tell a lie, the person becomes richer, with his audiences catching the gold."

-Aaron Hunt, Aaron Hunt Theater

Aaron   Hunt Theater

"Matthan Ring Black as Chucho, the central plotter, impressed with his incisive baritone and clear diction, handling the rapid-fire patter with easy assurance and flair."  

-Lawrence A. Johnson, Chicago Classical Review 

Chicago Classical Review